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Vibration Technology® is the result of a combination of development efforts aimed at achieving a seamless compromise between use and acoustic performance.

In order to achieve high quality sound reproduction, minimize weight, and integrate an eye on the environment, our team has worked in partnership with audio professionals to offer you today a latest-generation product combining real know-how with cutting-edge technology.


GREEN VIBE® is the first step in the development of Vibration Technology®, based on an innovative material and a shape designed and engineered to give our loudspeakers the best acoustic performance while integrating a sustainable dimension.


A high-performance material

The choice of material had to meet a number of constraints, both technical and ethical, and our decision fell on flax fiber, which has already proved its worth in many fields, including design (furniture creation), sport (ski manufacture), leisure (boat hulls) and, above all, audio (Hi-Fi speakers).

For composite and technical applications, the mechanical properties of flax fibre offer many advantages that are comparable or even superior to those of carbon or glass fibre, making it an extremely interesting composite:

  • Low density (1.5 vs. 2.54 for fiberglass)
  • Higher specific rigidity than glass fibers
  • Greater vibration absorption than carbon and glass fibers
  • Superior sound insulation compared to carbon and glass fibers
  • Lower environmental footprint than fiberglass.

The result is a product that is incomparable to any other on the market:

  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Resistant to breakage, compression, torsion and deformation

VOODOO+ enclosures are extremely strong and lightweight.
They guarantee durability over time and, above all, effortless transport.

A unique shape

The shape of the loudspeaker also contributes directly to the product's performance, both in terms of sound reproduction and user experience.
Theacoustics of a loudspeaker are dictated by several parameters, not least its shape. Green Vibe® therefore also involves optimizing the shape of the speaker cabinet in several respects: size, positioning of faces and edges, and thickness.

Size: the speaker volume is precisely calculated for use with the Bass-reflex acoustic system, to optimize natural bass reproduction.

The faces: the creation and addition of multiple facets and edges stiffens the whole box, reducing energy loss for even greater efficiency.

Thickness: in the shape of a loudspeaker, the thickness of the walls plays a very important role in the rigidity of the enclosure. Each side is therefore optimized in this respect to optimize the cabinet's weight.

It's this weight-to-output ratio that gives our speakers even greater sound quality.

An ethical approach

Eco-friendlinessis one of the key elements in PEOPEO's development.
This means keeping a critical eye on the origin and content of components, but also offering a quality product that lasts over time.

As a Grenoble-based brand, it was important for PEOPEO to offer a product made in France.

In addition to its mechanical properties, flax also has ecological advantages. Flax fiber is considered a natural fiber. It is biodegradable and grows rapidly without being continuously sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers, which requires little water.

The flax fiber used by PEOPEO comes from Saint-Pierre-le-Viger in Normandy, and is produced by the Terre de Lin cooperative, guaranteeing its made-in-France origin. This structure, committed to sustainable development, is certified European Flax®, a quality visa for premium-quality flax for all markets, and Masters of Linen, a club of companies that have chosen 100% European traceability.

This flax is then transformed into composite by Elca Composite, based near Vichy.
A specialist in composite material solutions, the company designs a wide range of parts for all sectors of activity (Automotive, Leisure and Sport, Industry, Boating, etc.).


But Vibration technology® doesn't stop there: our speakers also have a lot to offer under the hood. BLUE VIBE® optimizes the speaker's performance for maximum autonomy.

Technical development focused first and foremost on the intuitive, user-friendly interface. Numerous beta tests enabled us to arrive at an optimum result that provides simplicity of use while getting to the heart of the functionalities expected by our users.

Extensive development work has been carried out in close collaboration with our electronics partner, a specialist in high-end audio for many years, to offer a dedicated amplifier board that meets all technical constraints in terms of autonomy, connectors and electronics for the best possible performance.

Our vision combined with our partner's expertise led us to redefine the limits and codes of the speaker format in which we are positioned.

Innovative amplification

The work carried out focused on the choice of amplifier and the development of a specific battery.
The Class D amp is a state-of-the-art device that converts over 93% of its energy into sound signals.

Technologically sophisticated, Class D amplifiers offer very high efficiency, allowing the use of low-capacity power supply components.

Many hi-fi and home cinema amplifiers are now available in this pleasant-sounding category, especially wireless speakers. This type of amplifier is found in many subwoofers, and delivers excellent results.

The amplifier powers a high-end 8″ woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter, with two-channel amplification rated at 2×180 W RMS.

The use of a DSP allows precise, parameterized signal management per channel (treble and mid/bass). The sound result is thus controlled and adaptable to different environments/uses via 3 available sound presets.

We've developed a loudspeaker with a dynamic, precise and complete sound of unparalleled quality, and the ability to adapt to its environment.

VOODOO+ features an integrated, electronically-controlled anti-saturation system for reliable sound quality even at high power levels.

The Li-Ion battery that powers the loudspeaker has been specially developed for optimum performance.

Its cells are guaranteed for 700 cycles at 90% capacity, and the BMS (Battery Monitoring System), which manages cell charge/discharge, protects the battery from excessive discharge or accidental overvoltage. This protection optimizes cell and battery life.

Latest Bluetooth technology

With Bluetooth 5.0, VOODOO+ speakers can connect to a variety of compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, without the need for bulky cables. This technology offers an extended range of up to 40m in open air, so you can enjoy your favorite music without interruption even when far from the audio source.

One of the key features of Bluetooth 5.0 is its ability to provide fast, stable data transmission. VOODOO+ speakers benefit from increased transfer rate, which translates into superior audio quality and reduced latency. Sound reproduction remains clear and faithful.

For an immersive listening experience, Bluetooth 5.0 provides access to TWS or True Wireless Sound. This is a unique connection mode that lets you connect several VOODOO+ speakers together in a matter of seconds. Up to 255 devices can be paired together, offering maximum flexibility for sharing your music with other VOODOO+ speaker owners!

What's more, integrated Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers optimized power consumption, prolonging speaker battery life.

In short, the Bluetooth 5.0 integrated into VOODOO+ speakers is an advanced wireless technology that offers stable connectivity, fast data transmission, enhanced multi-device connectivity and optimized power consumption. These combined features guarantee a high-quality wireless audio experience and ease of use!

High-quality acoustic rendering

On the VOODOO+ loudspeaker we also collaborated with an electro-acoustic engineer.

The aim was to improve the existing sound rendering by integrating several usage constraints for the loudspeaker's various sound presettings: outdoors with ground positioning, indoors with Hi-Fi type listening, voice enhancement...

Together with Marc Levasseur, we worked on the development of a Signal Flow Diagram in the DSP architecture. This enabled the development of different settings via the use of separate parametric EQs for each amplification channel.

For Marc Levasseur, electro-acoustic engineer, music is a vector of emotions.

A loudspeaker must be capable of transmitting them and transporting the listener to a unique sound experience.

VOODOO+ loudspeakers perform this function perfectly, without altering the color of the original sound and integrating perfectly into its ecosystem.

The final result is a chameleon speaker that's unbeatable indoors, yet powerful and balanced outdoors.


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