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Refurbished speakers: more than a good deal, a great gesture!

Mar 16, 2023


As part of our ongoing commitment to technical responsibility, we've decided to offer a range of refurbished speakers. And that's something you won't find anywhere else! 🙂

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What's the difference: refurbished and second-hand?

Before presenting our offer, it's important to understand what a reconditioned product is, and how it differs from a second-hand product. And there's a big difference!

Second-hand products, such as those sold between private individuals, are not subject to the same controls and tests as products reconditioned by professionals.

Technically, all reconditioned products have already been used. But they don't change hands. In our case, you can imagine that the PEOPEO loudspeakers already in use have been given quite a facelift! From the battery to the audio components, everything goes through stages of revision and validation. If the tests are unsatisfactory, damaged or worn parts are replaced.
The result? The reconditioned speaker works just as well as a new one!

Refurbished by PEOPEO.

To find out more about PEOPEO-style refurbishing, here's how it works.

As you know, the quality and durability of our products are our top priorities. So it's only natural that we've set up our own inspection procedure to ensure and certify that the speakers we recondition are as good as new.

The first step is a complete diagnosis of the equipment we recover: VOODOO Boombox or VOODOO Pro models, the last of which were produced in September 2022.
We test all functions, audio elements, batteries, connections... and validate whether or not they need to be replaced by new parts.

In the second stage, we change the components found to be faulty by our inspection procedure, convert the VOODOO Boombox models into VOODOO Pro models, and reassemble everything to like-new condition.
Some components, such as bamboo rings and mini-jack plugs, are replaced as standard.

The third step is to test and certify the refurbished speaker. We then apply a new battery of tests to ensure that the finished product meets our quality criteria, equivalent to a new speaker from the PEOPEO factory!

As a result, we can assure you that all the refurbished speakers we offer are certified as new by our professional expertise!

Switching to refurbished products is a win-win situation!

By setting up a reconditioning system, we not only enable you to benefit from speakers that work as well as new ones at a lower price, but also to reduce your environmental impact compared to new!
The production of these speakers enables us to avoid a great deal of electronic waste, and therefore to save certain scarce resources! In short, nothing goes to waste 😉

The result of this commitment, spearheaded by PEOPEO's expertise, demonstrates that music, technology and techno-responsibility can be one and the same.

Presentation of offers

Now let's talk about what we're actually offering. As mentioned above, we take VOODOO Boombox and VOODOO Pro models and recondition them to make VOODOO Pro models only.

Several price categories are offered, based solely on aesthetics, with no impact on the functional state of the speakers. The latter is the same for all the speakers we recondition and certify as new.

We know that most technological problems only arise after constant use, so we offer a long, free 2-year warranty and a 30-day cooling-off period on all speakers.

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To purchase and check the availability of refurbished speakers in stock, contact us by e-mail or telephone (we will reply within 24 hours, we promise!! )

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