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PEOPEO loudspeakers benefit from exclusive innovations and technologies developed in the Grenoble area, a true international technology hub, ranked 5th world city of innovation by Forbes magazine.
Our 100% made-in-France design means we control every stage of manufacturing and quality control, so you can count on reliable products.

Our philosophy is to bring to market a product that is not only high-performance and technical, but also a beautiful French product.

PEOPEO, in partnership with design offices and major players in the Grenoble region, is carrying out research and development, as well as creative work around design that aims to be disruptive in the connected speaker market, with the aim of asserting its singularity and proposing a beautiful object of sonic art with bold lines, fundamentally different from a design point of view but at the cutting edge of technology in terms of performance.


The PEOPEO factory is located Crolles, Isère, at the bottom of the French Alps.
It's here that each speaker is handcrafted by us, taking the time to bring all our technical know-how to bear, as well as our passion for a job well done in the service of our customers.
It's here that we combine our talents, from assembly to finishing, to offer you a unique product.

Following in the know-how of leading French manufacturers, our work is rooted in sustainability, with particular attention paid to the quality of the materials used in our loudspeakers.
PEOPEO carefully selects materials of natural origin, all sourced in France, in order to maintain a short supply chain and a relationship of partnership with its suppliers.

The production of our loudspeakers, which is resolutely on a human scale, and with respect for the brand's values, gives rise today to products with a unique character.
The uniqueness of our serial products comes from a genuine offer of customization, a unique shell design in flax fiber, and production where machines do not replace the human hand.
Even more than " handmade ", it's this uniqueness, these signs of personality, that make PEOPEO products all the more attractive.


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