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PEOPEO [PƐO-PƐ0] / [Péo-péo] n .c .: meaning "bird" in North American Indian. The bird is synonymous with freedom, wide open spaces and adventure: it flies, is light. It sings, communicates with its fellow creatures and is part of a free community with no constraints or limits.

It is around this emblem that the PEOPEO brand has built its model and its values. The idea of offering the freedom to live unique sound experiences, of being able to federate, to bring people together and to enjoy every musical moment is PEOPEO's DNA and commitment.
The result of this commitment, driven by PEOPEO's expertise and passion, demonstrates that music, technology and eco-design can be one and the same.

Values & Commitments

Music, outdoor activities and a taste for adventure are the passions that drive PEOPEO and its team. The result is a set of values that speak to everyone: sharing, conviviality and open-mindedness.
With its obsession with performance, PEOPEO works on technological models that meet the expectations of a reliable, quality product adapted to modern use.
PEOPEO's development ethic is based on an eco-friendly approach. Concerned about the planet, the PEOPEO team takes a critical look at the origin of its components in order to offer a sustainable product, made from plant fibers, 100% French and assembled locally.



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