The VOODOO speaker

Technical specifications

  • Power
    200 W RMS T Amplifier / 400W peak
  • sensibility
    105 dB
  • connectivity
    3.5 mm Jack / Bluetooth APTX 4.0 / USB charger
  • Frequency range
    50 Hz - 20 KHz
  • weight / volume
    6Kg / 20L
  • Shell material
    Organic textile composite: flax
  • Battery
    Lithium - Ion technology
  • Audio
    8" dynamic low frequency / 1" Dome high frequency driver
  • Optimal diffusion range


The manufacture of the VOODOO speaker made of 100% french vegetable fibers is in total harmony with the dynamics of PEOPEO: respect for the environment.

The audio and electronic components are critically chosen regarding their provenance and to last as long as possible. All the speakers are locally assembled to ensure their final quality.

The flax used is EUROPEAN FLAX® which certifies the quality of the fiber as well as the quality of its production.

The VOODOO proves music, technology and eco-conception can be as one!


The GREEN VIBRATION® technology from PEOPEO combining a Bass Reflex model and flax fibers provides unique acoustic rendering: depth in bass and clarity of sound!

In parallel with electronics, this innovative material technology was born from a series of tests on the thicknesses and densities of the latter as well as on the shape and dimensions of the box. The result is a highly accurate reproduction of music in order to capture all its colors and emotions …


The VOODOO loudspeaker combines a low-consumption 150 W RMS amplifier, a new generation battery, a low 8 ” midrange speaker and a silk dome tweeter. These components have been specially selected – in parallel with acoustic development – to achieve high sound quality, long battery life and extreme use.


TheVOODOO speaker has been designed for a limitless mobility by using flax fiber for its lightness and robustness, as well as by integrating the ergonomic backpack function.

The characteristic of a nomadic speaker is to be light, robust and transportable. The VOODOO speaker combines these features via the use of flax fiber as well as the integration of the backpack part.

The VOODOO speaker


What types of devices are compatible?

All audio sources regardless of the tool. The VOODOO has a Bluetooth input for all equipped devices (phone, computers, tablets) and also a mini jack input for wired connections.

Can I use the VOODOO at home, connected to the electrical network?

Of course, it’s like your laptop! You can use it plugged in, charging and of course on battery.

How long does the VOODOO charge?

From 0% to 100% it will take 2h30.

15h of autonomy on average OK, but how much does it mean at max volume?

Indeed at full power consumption is a little more important. You’ll still have 12H!

Is the VOODOO resistant to cold?

In the cold as in the warm, the VOODOO is strong (-15 ° c / 50 ° c)!

Can I swim with the VOODOO ?

Don’t push grandma in the nettles! (Very French expression! )

The VOODOO  is splash proof, it resists rain, splashing beer … but will not withstand complete immersion. We will also avoid the washing machine 😉

Is it better to store the VOODOO fully charged or completely discharged?

We recommend to store it fully charged to extend the life of its battery.

What is the color of the designer’s panties?


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