The Green Vibration Technologie® is the result of several combined development axes in the optics of a seamless compromise.

The ultimate goal: a high quality and fidelity sound reproduction, a minimized weight, a an eco-friendly consciousness.

A material

Flax fiber, the keystone of Green Vibration technology®, is a composite material offering exceptional mechano-acoustic characteristics.

Acoustics: Thanks to its long and tubular fibers, the flax fiber has antivibration properties that are essential for the construction and acoustic rendering of a loudspeaker enclosure.
Mechanical: Lightness and rigidity are two other characteristics making of flax fiber composite
an ideal material for an outdoor product. Indeed, these two properties allow reducing the shell thickness to optimize the weight without losing either in acoustic quality or robustness.

A shape

The acoustics of a speaker is ruled by several parameters, including the shape of the shell. The Green Vibration Technology® therefore consists to optimize the shape of the speaker shell in several points: the size, the positioning of the faces and edges, the thickness.

The size: the volume of the speaker is calculated very precisely for the use of the acoustic bass-reflex system (hyperlink) to optimize the natural bass rendering.

The faces and edges: the creation and addition of multiple facets allows the stiffening of the entire box and therefore less energy loss for even more efficient performance.

The thicknesses: in the shape of the shell, the thickness of the walls has a very important role for the rigidity of the whole box. Each face is optimized to optimize the weight of the box.

A control

Green Vibration Technology® is a technological development including innovative electronics. A motherboard, paralleling the amp, supervises the operation of the speaker by being a manager of simple functions such as ON/OFF, volume level, Bluetooth activation…

Other more complex functions such as an anti-saturator, the True Wireless Stereo, the management of the energy consumption, the management of the different outputs are under control of the motherboard.

Note that the input signal is only analogically processed. Digital processing has been ruled out for the most accurate result of the basic sound and to avoid any latency that would be due to this digital sound processing.

An energy

The performance of the speaker is determined by its ability to produce a maximum of sound while consuming the least amount of energy.

The mission of Green Vibration Technology® is to optimize this performance in order to have maximum autonomy. The work done is on the choice of the amp and the development of a specific battery.

The amp is a latest-generation piece that converts more than 93% of its energy into a sound signal and the Li-Ion battery powering it has been developed specifically for the amp to make it work in the best conditions.

The latest generation amp/battery combo therefore allows an optimized power consumption for an optimized autonomy.


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